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MIT Was Founded more than 40 years ago as a limit liability company , in 2007 it reestablish as a Joint stock company under the name MIT – Modern Industrial Technology , with products portfolio covering a wide range of the construction industry needs, offering the best engineering solution available.

The Beginning

The Company was initially founded in 1970 in Cairo Egypt, as a Limited Liability Company. It was located in Opera Square, Downtown Cairo

    The company Operated in the Following fields
  • General Contracting and Construction
  • Specialized Constructions (Finishes)
  • Aluminum Fabrications Factory

The Company had an average of 150 employees between full time, casual and project based.

The Growth

As the company was expanding rapidly, a new structure was needed that would allow for the expanded operations, and a single entity to unify all the company fields of work.
Thus in 2007 the company was re-established as an Egyptian joint stock company under the name of “Modern Industrial Technologies for Construction and Industry. SAE” and branded as “MIT Industries”.
The new company is a joint stock company founded by 4 main shareholders, with a working capital of 10,000,000.00 Egyptian Pounds.

    The New Company Operates in the Following Fields
  • Contracting and Construction Sector
    • General Contracting and Construction
    • Specialized Contracting and Constructions (Finishes and Turnkey Projects)
    • Building Repairs and Maintenance
  • Industrial Sector
    • Aluminum Fabrications Factory
    • Steel Structures Fabrications Factory
  • Real-estate Investment Sector
    • The company is expanding its business in real-estate investment our current project is in the 6th of October City
  • Trading Sector
    • Imports and Exports

      We are working in importing several Building materials from abroad and exporting others to Several African Countries

    • Agencies

      Our company is the official agent in Egypt, Libya and Sudan for the following agency

      • ABCD International – France, Specialized in Smart Office Partitions
      • PENETRON INTERNATIONAL – USA, Specialized in Concrete repair materials

Expanding Geographically

By the year 1972, the company was operating in several projects outside Egypt that it was decided to start another company in LIBYA, The Company operated between 1972 till 1979, were all foreign business were forced out of Libya

In 2001, the company was re-established in Libya, we partnered with one of the oldest and known families in Libya that are one of major market players operating in the west side and based in Tripoli

In 2010 another agreement was signed in Libya, with a well established company on the east side and based in Benghazi.

In 2011, a cooperation and partnership deal was signed with Sudanese Company Protech, together we are working n the Sudanese Market

Our Locations

Head Office: our head office is located in one of the very main streets of Giza, Gamet al Dowal St; we have been located here since 20 years

Libya Office: Ard Baloan, Benghazi, Libya

Sudan Office: Burri, Khartoum, Sudan.

Factories: They are located on the main spine of the AL Obour Industrial Zone.

  • Al Obour Industrial Zone, Qalyub, Egypt
  • Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
  • 6th Of October City - Under Construction
  • Al Khosos, Cairo Egypt
  • Ard Baloan, Benghazi , Libya
  • Tripoly, Libya
  • Burri , Al Khurtom , Sudan

Also the company owns plots of lands in 6th of October city that re-used in our real-estate projects

Our Geographical Presence

MIT has operated all over Egypt and in various other countries including Libya - Sudan- Algeria - Nigeria – Congo

Our Projects and Clients

We have executed numerous projects with many major clients, these projects included

  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Office buildings
  • Banks
  • Training Center
  • Universities
  • Show Rooms
  • Power Transformers
  • Shopping malls
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Residential buildings
  • Touristic village and residential
  • compounds